As an experienced packaging agency, CuCo explains why artisan design is so popular and what makes a good artisan packaging design.

What is artisan design, and why is it so popular? 

The word “Artisan” by definition describes a skilled craft worker, especially one who makes things by hand. And big, upmarket brands have utilised artisan design for years to communicate the luxury of their products.

More recently, however, artisanal design cues have also been seen in smaller brands to make a statement about their products’ craftsmanship and quality. But why is that?

Artisan packaging often includes elements such as kraft paper, natural muted colours and playful illustrations and minimalist design. Thus, artisan design essentially takes us “back to the basics”.

And this aligns perfectly with consumer trends, such as the need for authenticity and simplicity.

Through artisan packaging, a brand can immediately communicate its skill, craftsmanship, and quality. Therefore, it can tap into key consumer trends and needs and differentiate itself from the competition.

Ok, so what makes a good artisan design? Let’s take a look at the Dorset Sea Salt Company.

Case Study: Dorset Sea Salt Co.

When the Dorset Sea Salt Company appointed CuCo to rebrand their business, it was important for the brand to stand out in the highly competitive salt market by focusing on the unique story and values. Dorset offers some of the purest, most mineral-rich waters in Britain, and the Jurassic Coast has a long-forgotten history of salt production, which Dorset Sea Salt Co. wanted to revive through the production of an innovative range of prestige, locally and sustainably sourced salt products.

CuCo chose a simplistic, typography-led approach to packaging design and identified a handwritten brush to be used as the brand font to communicate its craftsmanship.

Furthermore, a beautiful soft pastel colour palette was chosen, which would make the brand stand out from other sea salt brands, who often used stereotypical deep blues in their packaging. The colour palette would also allow Dorset Sea Salt Co. to have a revenant colour for each of their infusions.

Finally, a gold finish was incorporated into the packaging to embrace the history of salt and reflect upon when sea salt was worth more than gold. Thus, this would ensure a connection to its rich past.

The result was a fresh, premium brand and, most importantly, completely unique, reflecting the Dorset lifestyle that consumers associate with the Jurassic Coastline and the exceptional quality of the products. Thus, a perfect example of artisan design.

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