Dragonfly are a coaching and consulting specialist dedicated to helping people with both their personal and professional needs.

Their founder, Lara Maynard, has over 20 years of Senior Leadership experience in the corporate world and is passionate about supporting businesses and individuals in achieving their goals.

Besides traditional Business Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, Dragonfly also has two sub-brands – Ladies in Heels and Mind Body Business. Ladies in Heels was specifically developed for creating and empowering female leaders to help businesses build a more diverse team. Through Mind Body Business, the consultant takes a more holistic approach to business, by combining eastern techniques such as yoga and breathwork with traditional coaching methods.

CuCo were approached by Dragonfly to develop the branding for the ambitious coaching & consulting group as well as its sub-brands.

The name Dragonfly was chosen by the client to represent transformation and new beginnings, as Dragonflies spend the first part of their lives under the water surface before they burst through the surface of their water to start the new part of their lives as beautiful, flying creatures progressing through the reeds during their life cycle.

In order to communicate the unique meaning behind the brand name effectively, CuCo developed a minimalistic, yet clever logo which perfectly encapsulates the lifecycle of a Dragonfly. The logo embraces the transformation a dragonfly goes through – with all focus on the point when it spreads its wings and takes its first flight. The ‘Y’ in DragonFly cleverly takes the form of a stylised dragonfly, which is exiting the water from which it grew and flourished. A dark blue was chosen as the primary colour for the umbrella brand mark to symbolise trust, loyalty and responsibility.

The new brand style was then rolled out across the sub-brands Ladies in Heels and Mind Body Business. For Ladies in Heels, a vibrant pink was chosen to communicate compassion and playfulness, whilst for Mind Body Business, CuCo selected a calming and balancing blue tone.

The client has been extremely happy with the result and CuCo wish them all the luck with their imminent launch! Watch this space…

Are you in need of a fresh, new branding concept for your business? Then get in touch with CuCo’s branding experts today on 01202 911959 or email us at hello@cucocreative.co.uk – We’d love to help.

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Alisa Hufsky

Alisa Hufsky

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