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SafeSip is the revolutionary invention of Dorset entrepreneur, Melissa Edmunds. The brightly-coloured, silicone drinks cover stretches over virtually any glass, mug, cup or can to prevent drink spillages.

CuCo were originally approached to kickstart SafeSip’s brand development, where we created strong brand positioning within the mass market. As a result, interest quickly began to materialise for the product. The SafeSip team soon found juggling of sales fulfilment alongside marketing to be a handful. They responded by seeking CuCo’s expertise to drive greater sales, enabling them to focus on the daily activities of the business.

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When CuCo started working on SafeSip’s online sales strategy, shop conversion rates were averaging 2% and achieving a ratio of 1 in 45 sales. With only a 26% increase in budget spend, we achieved an average conversion rate of over 7% with a new ratio of 1 in 15 sales. This in turn saw a revenue increase of 400% in just 8 weeks. Facebook would see Page Likes shoot up from 1,304 to over 60,000 as well as see a rapid increase in post reach, averaging in excess of 630,000 per week. A great marketing success!

Having invented a product and starting as a tiny me and one colleague company – at great expense – we have worked with a number of small and even tried a larger agency and they have just have not got what we are or hit mark in making our unique product stand out. CuCo got it straight away and are now on the journey with us to achieve this as we grow – I feel they are now part of my team. They have embraced us despite our size – they see what we could be not where we are now.

Founder and Inventor | Zinch Designs

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Claudia Pharoah

Claudia Pharoah

Claudia is CuCo's Head of Marketing & Communications, and has headed up our Marketing Team for the past 6 years. Her industry experience spans both agency and client side and she has worked at several top Dorset advertising agencies throughout her career. She also has a BSc degree in Psychology from a Top 10 University. Her main responsibilities lie in short and long-marketing consultation with our clients, ensuring brand consideration and purchase. Claudia works on several of CuCo’s top accounts across disciplines including content writing, blogs, Facebook advertising, email marketing, SEO and more. Enthusiastic yet focused, Claudia ensures everyone leaves the studio with a smile.

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