CuCo’s branding strategy began with a Research and Discovery phase, this period enabled CuCo’s Creative Team to communicate with the consultants at DGH and achieve a greater understanding of the audiences that fall under the DGH ‘umbrella’ brand. Very early on CuCo recognised an urgent requirement to implement a clear Brand Architecture into the rebranding process. The DGH audience were struggling to establish which events were suited to their individual requirements and so this more structured approach would offer DGH the chance to highlight to its audience instantly who they are communicating with and break down the audience and streamlining events.

Once the audiences were categorised, the Creative Team developed its Brand Architecture to differentiate them into sub-brands. The sub-brands were then categorised into the businesses that DGH supports, including; Pre-starts, Start-up, Micro Business, and SME.

The word ‘Growth’ was identified early on as the keyword for the new DGH brand. The isometric grid used to develop our sub-brands, had particular significance to DGH as the business offers an upward (triangular) trajectory symbolising this. The isometric grid would offer a platform to bring the brand to life, with each segment offering an opportunity to deliver contrasting patterns to best suit each sub-brand, including the main DGH brand.

Individual logos were developed to represent each sector whilst all deriving from the main overarching brand. Both the colours and patterns shown bared significance in each sector, for example, the ‘Start-Up’ logo was designed in red as red is a hugely positive and physical colour which naturally draws attention to itself. In business, red means energy, driven, action, strength and powerful, many qualities that a start-up business owner will hold close to their heart. The multi-direction arrow pattern represents the many matters to address that this level of business may be faced with. Often there will be many ideas, challenges, and influences which will need to be aligned before progressing into the more neatly arranged ‘Micro-Business’.

Dorset Growth Hub Lanyards Branding

As the branding began to take shape in such a way, the style and tone of voice also came into play, allowing DGH to showcase a range of its clients ‘Success Stories’ through contemporary photography and storytelling. We chose to let their client’s stories speak on behalf of the brand – not the other way round, further enhancing DGH’s trust and credibility as consultants.

Mary Lloyd, Marketing Manager at DGH has commented:

 “Working with CuCo has been a pleasure. From day one, CuCo understood exactly what we wanted to achieve as a business, and simplified it. The rebrand took place just before Covid-19, however, we feel as an organisation having our ambitious and professional new branding echoes the new digital era that we find ourselves fully immersed in. The DGH brand now has a purpose, in every aspect of the business, and we cannot thank CuCo enough for their creativity and bringing DGH to life.”

The success of the organisation through such a time as this has been extremely rewarding for the CuCo Team to witness. The DGH branding has been brought back to life and energised ready to take on a new momentum of business. If your business is in need of this injection of energy please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to chat through all things creative!

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Christian Cutler

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