Collective consumer interest in the provenance and traceability of consumable products is continuing to soar worldwide. And rightly so.

Only last month 11,000 scientists from across the world united to declare a global climate emergency and warned that without huge shifts in the way we live, we are all potentially heading for a global catastrophe.

Urgent action is clearly needed, and yet research suggests that as a whole, corporates continue to conduct global business as usual and have failed to effectively address the crisis.

The Dorset Meat Company

Contrary to the norm, our client The Dorset Meat Company is choosing to take action.

The environmental benefits of choosing grass-fed, outdoor-reared meat from small, family-run farms are clear-cut. And that’s without mentioning the ecological, animal-welfare and consumer health advantages of small-scale sustainable food and farming.

As such, our design agency was delighted when The Dorset Meat Company appointed CuCo to build and design their brand new website.

Following our fresh new branding for The Dorset Meat Company, the next key objective for us as a branding agency was to create a consumer proposition on par with brands of similar thinking, who are also on a similar journey.

The Dorset Meat Company is a perfect example of the sustainable philosophy we have here at our branding agency, working with passionate business owners, including Scrummi and English Oak Vineyard, who truly care about ethical practices, sustainability and their wider global impact as a business.

Since the new website went live in Summer this year, our client has seen a significant uplift across key, focal metrics. Careful consideration was put into the customer journey and overall UX of the site to help improve conversions.

Our design team have ensured new photography has brought the site to life, giving the brand a contemporary online presence with the Refer A Friend Functionality driving referral traffic and sales.

Since the day of the new website’s launch we’ve created a 78% increase in orders and a superb 92% uplift in sales. An illustrated ‘How It Works’ graphic has better communicated the Meat Box concept, and a stronger focus on leveraging seasonal buying behaviour has significantly increased sales during periods of peak demand.

Through providing stronger consumer engagement with individual farms, our Developers have ensured average user time spent on-site during sessions in Nov ‘18 as compared to Nov ‘19 has increased by 192%!

The extension of the product offering into brand-aligned Cheesemonger and Deli lines has positioned The Dorset Meat Company alongside nationwide market leaders and monthly visitors to the website have increased by an outstanding 341%.

If you’re looking for a brand new website to effectively position your brand, attract traffic and drive an uplift in sales, call our design agency today on 01202 911959 or email – we’d love to hear from you!

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Claudia Pharoah

Claudia Pharoah

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