WooCommerce 4.0 is the first major release since version 3.0 came out in April 2017.

The big hitter in this release is the new version of WooCommerce Admin which is the first step towards a more modern JavaScript-driven experience of WooCommerce core.

Up until now, it has only been an available as a plugin, now it’s been rolled into the WooCommerce core to bring a set of improvements to all store owners:

  • New dashboard
  • New and improved reports
  • Improved notification experience
  • New store management tools

This new interface provides much better reporting capabilities than its previous reporting tools. You can now filter, do comparisons and overview how the store is doing in terms of sales, revenue, which products are the most popular/highest-grossing, adds capabilities for improved customer management and analytics. You can also easily export the data from the reports as .csv to enable smooth interoperation with other systems.

One of the new benefits is the ability to choose how the charts are displayed and the options to toggle the different reports off and on, so you only see what is important to you. It also has some flexible filtering options.

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Along with the WooCommerce admin, there is also a new Activity panel with improved order management workflow, which now works the same whether you are on desktop or mobile.

You will require WordPress 5.3+ to access the above features to javascript requirements.


There are also many under-the-hood updates:

  • Action Scheduler 3.0 – a more performant version of Action Scheduler which utilizes custom tables to provide a great experience even on stores with large volumes of orders and posts in the database.
  • Enhancement to the Order edit screen
  • Latest fixes of WooCommerce Blocks package
  • Updates related to Brexit and VAT
  • Improvements to email handling
  • Optimizations for saving variations and Cash on delivery payment gateway


If you would like to speak to us about upgrading or improving your own WooCommerce store please call us on 01202 911959.

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