And with nearly half of all UK household reporting that they own a pet, it is no surprise that designers today put as much effort into branding for pet food packaging, as they do for human food packaging.

“Pets are considered as part of the family and thus, their health and welfare is extremely important to their owners. Therefore, pet brands today need to reflect their benefits and values through their packaging in order to stand out of the crowd”, says CuCo’s Creative Director Christian Cutler.

As branding and packaging design experts, who have created stunning packaging designs for brands such as Scrummi and the Dorset Sea Salt Co., CuCo know exactly what’s needed to create an aesthetically pleasing packaging that stands out on the shelves.

These are some pawsome pet food packaging design we love and think have really helped put this industry firmly on the map!

pooch and mutt packaging design

1. Pooch & Mutt

Founded in 2007, Pooch & Mutt describe themselves as ‘a health food company, whose products happen to be consumed by dogs’. The company uses honest, natural ingredients in their food that are good for both, the environment and the dog’s health – and the beautiful, minimalistic and friendly packaging design made from biodegradable materials, clearly expresses these values.

lilys kitchen packaging

2. Lily’s Kitchen 

Using proper ingredients like fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, Lily’s Kitchen create wholesome food for dogs and cats that encourage happy, healthy lives. The botanical illustrations on the packaging, combined with the bold typography and colour palette, give the brand a modern feel and communicate the all-natural, homemade essence of the products well – a packaging that pet owners can be proud to have on their kitchen counter.

wagg packaging

3. Wagg 

As a mid-pice range brand in the pet food category, Waggs needed a distinctive, eye-catching packaging in order to compete with the more premium brands, as well as supermarket own-label brands. A bright, friendly and accessible colour palette was chosen to stand out on the shelves. The dog tail on each of the products gives the packaging consistency and allows instant brand recognition, whilst the minimalistic design gives the brand a down-to-earth feel and communicates exactly what Waggs stands for – great quality at an affordable price.

Canagan packaging

4. Canagan

Canagan is a premium dog food brand using natural, grain free ingredients to replicate a dog’s ancestral diet. The use of white space, minimalistic typography and metallic silver effects on the packaging give the brand a high quality, and premium look and feel, while the mountains and natural landscapes used in the design truly reflect the natural ingredient of the food.

yora packaging

5. Yora 

Yora pride themselves in producing the ‘world’s most sustainable pet food’. With the aim of reducing the carbon pawprint, the company uses environmentally friendly, insect-based protein that is sustainable, healthy and great for the planet – and their packaging truly reflects these values. The bags are made from recyclable materials and the matt finish of the bags, as well as the dark blue colour, gives the brand a premium, sophisticated look, while the beautiful line illustrations of grubs and leaves around the logo are inspired by the ingredients of the food.

Are you a pet food brand in need of an eye-catching new packaging? Then get in touch with CuCo today on 01202 911959 or email us at Our team of branding and packaging experts would love to help!

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