Whether it’s a fad or a revolution, you can’t ignore that meat-free mania has pretty much-saturated mainstream retailers shelves this month. Everywhere we look there seems to be a new marketing campaign encouraging us (the consumers) to opt-in for a plant-based diet in 2020. 

Following a report from British Retail Consortium (BRC) which suggests 2019 has been the worst Christmas in a decade for retailers sales, Veganuary and other new year campaigns are the push retailers need to cash in and pull back those lost sales. 

As a creative packaging agency, CuCo explores the UK’s favourite supermarkets a delves deeper into popular Vegan products and explains how mainstream supermarket branding is standing out on the shelves, in a competitive market.

M&S: Plant Kitchen 

With 2019 food sales falling by 2.1% at Christmas, M&S needed to leap into January with something to draw their foodie fans back into its premium stores. Designed with ‘flavour first’, their 50 product Plant Kitchen range has taken inspiration from street food and foodie festivals – a place where vegan food is thriving. The colourful rustic blue colour featured across the packaging gives the range energy and vibrancy and turning meat-eaters heads to give it a try. We are a big fan of this packaging, as it keeps in line with the M&S brand bring luxurious and quality sourced ingredients together, not forgetting showcasing vegetables in all their glory.  

Asda: Plant-Based 

With Asda pledging to reduce it’s plastic packaging in 2020 and aiming to use more plant-derived materials including Apeel, an edible plant-based peel, on the supermarket’s fruit and vegetables, it’s only right that the design of their very own Vegan range is eye-catching, colourful and able to stand out on the shelves.

This playful packaging design, along with their cheeky tone of voice screams personality, and with powerful phrases such as ‘live life on the Veg’ and ‘Dig in’ included in the design, shoppers are bound to stop and smile at the plant-based puns.

Co-ops: Gro

Co-op has rolled into the new year with ‘Gro’ – its brand new plant-based range, featuring 35 vegan products to choose from. The packaging designing speaks for itself – Gro’s eye-catching bold emphasis of each of its products can easily be mistaken for being a green light – ‘Go’. Co-ops Gro range is designed for shoppers on-the-go, so this packaging seems like the perfect branding for a quick, simple vegan fix. Not to mention with Co-op’s ongoing partnership with Deliveroo offering quick, point-to-point delivery, catering for customers who want a quick vegan fix the packaging very much considers with that message. 

As creative packaging agency, we love what the mainstream supermarkets came up with and we can’t wait to see more creative plant based packaging popping up on the supermarket shelves soon.

Are you a food or drinks brand looking for new creative packaging to make your products stand out on the shelves? Contact CuCo today on 01202 911959 or email hello@cucocreative.co.uk – we’d love to help!

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Alisa Hufsky

Alisa Hufsky

Alisa is CuCo’s Marketing and Communications Assistant. She moved to Bournemouth from Germany in 2014 to study for her BA in Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University, for which is she is on track for a first. Alisa is accredited by the CIM and has a wide understanding of marketing principles, including branding and brand management, digital communications, consumer insights and campaign development. Alisa thrives in fast-paced environments, and has experience working in the photography, radio and hospitality industries. Alisa enjoys cooking, going for long walks and on the weekend’s you’ll find her at the beach with a beer and her dogs Chilli and Pepper.

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